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MBC Teens Fall Retreat: Surrender
November 7-9


Fall Retreat
November 7-9

Pursuit: The Beautiful Chase

Can you feel the cool air and crisp breeze? Leaves are starting to change to bright yellows, vibrant oranges, and deep reds. It’s time for fall again, and that means that The Rush Fall Retreat is almost here! You will not want to miss the most epic event of our fall season! This year we will be going back to Montrose Bible Conference in Montrose, PA. The campground has a huge gymnasium, paintball, hiking trails, giant swing, and climbing wall. The food is to die for!

Our theme this year is “Pursuit: The Beautiful Chase.” As we dive into this topic, we are going to be asking these questions: What do you find valuable? Where do you see beauty in this world? The reality is that we pursue or “chase after” the things we find truly beautiful and valuable. While our pursuit should be of our Creator King, Jesus, we always chase after things that are less beautiful than him. But he is the most beautiful thing ever. This weekend will be a reorientation of our hearts towards the true beautiful chase of Jesus! Don’t miss out on a challenging weekend and an opportunity to meet lots of new friends.

Cost: $130.00/person.
Registration: Open until October 24. Click here to register.
Ages: 6th-12th Grade.
Speakers: Drew Huber, Ed Williams, Bob Erbig |
Worship: Luke Ciannello, Dave Barletta, & Band