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Sunday Morning Adult Sunday School

Looking for a way to get plugged in and connect with others?

Trying out an Adult Sunday School is a great way to get connected at MBC. We have a variety of classes so you can find the one that is the best fit for you. Rooms that begin with a 'C' are located in the lower level of the Church building. Rooms beginning with 'YFMB' are on the first and second floors of the Youth and Family Ministry Building across the parking lot.

All classes begin at 9am.

Growing Disciples
C-105, led by Jack Kraus,
Topic: Continuation on study of Exodus, picking up with Chapter 11.

Faith & Reason
YFMB-Great Room, Jesse Nash. Runs through March 22.
Faith and Reason - explaining belief in an age of skepticism: This class will explain how recent developments in science, mathematics and philosophy provide objective and verifiable evidence that God has placed his fingerprints throughout our universe. Come and learn how to understand, present and defend key arguments for the existence of God. This class will also explore and refute some of the most popular arguments against God's existence. We will also discuss historical information about the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hope is that attendees will leave with a faith strengthened by rigorous examination, and will be better prepared to explain the reason for the hope that lies within them to a very skeptical world. (I Peter 3:15)

Building Disciples
YFMB-202, led by Maceo Hemmingway,
Topic: Continuing in the book of Ephesians, with a particular focus on "How God Sees Me Now", drawn mainly from the early chapters of Ephesians.   Participants have the opportunity to share in leadership of the class.

Women's Class
C-104, led by Barbara Zellman.
Topic: Women of the Bible, starting with Eve and Noah's wife.

Men's Class
C-106, led by Bruce Hyldahl,
Topic: Finishing study of Hebrews, picking up with Chapter 13.