Our Staff Team       


 Chad Boudreaux        Bob Erbig
  Pastor of Worship Arts                 Pastor of Youth Ministries


 Jen Roth                    Peggy Clabough             Scott Rajoppi

  MBC Kids Director                       Director of LFLC                                   Director of Administration

Denise Miankowski    Maggie Fram                       Faith Marks
Financial Manager                Communications Manager                         
Information Manager
Jim Hutchison
Facilities Manager

To send an email to the staff at MBC, please use: staff@millingtonbaptist.org  



The Leadership Council
Paul Achenbach
Lee Barnes

Chad Boudreaux
Peggy Clabough
Deke Dening
Chris Dowden

Bob Erbig

John Grooms
Darren Hernandez
Bill Keeble
Tom Porter
Scott Rajoppi
Jen Roth

To send an email to the Leadership Council, please use: leadershipcouncil@millingtonbaptist.org

Board of Elders at MBC
Chris Dowden, Chair
Tom Porter, Vice Chair
Paul Achenbach, Treasurer
Deke Dening, Secretary
Lee Barnes
John Grooms
Darren Hernandez
Bill Keeble

To send an email to the Board of Elders, please use: elders@millingtonbaptist.org