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Sermon series: April 3rd  - May 29
The Unseen Sovereign
A Sermons Series in Esther

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A divorce occurs, our children dabble in the drug scene and we have to bail them out, we need to put boundaries around an extended family member, we are forced to take a pay cut, we are diagnosed with cancer, our children fight chronic pain, or a parent dies of a heart attack. These are our stories. Stories that we do not share for fear of the shame they will bring. Stories that force us to ask the question: Is God still there?

The book of Esther is driven by this question. In fact, it is the only book of the Bible where God is never mentioned, or even alluded to. But it is the story of God’s covenant with people who face adversity and are rescued. It is the story of a woman who rises to the occasion even when her God does not seem to care. Even though He isn’t mentioned, God’s presence is there. He is the unseen Sovereign working his purposes in our world, even as we ask if He is there. Throughout Esther,  as in our age, God is working in the lives of alienated and exiled people like us.