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Renew - Grow - Connect - Act

Have you ever felt like something in your life was off? Like you weren’t firing on all cylinders. If you have taken the car to the mechanic recently, your bank account may be feeling the cost of recalibration! It is natural as we leave the summer months and enter the busy fall season to feel as though we woke up too early from a nap. But this season is a time of great opportunity! It is a time to look forward with anticipation at what God will do in and through our church this coming school year. Here’s the truth: we need RECALIBRATION towards our purpose and mission as the called out people of God, the ekklesia. As followers of Christ we are in daily need of calibrating our hearts to God’s heart. Our hearts are prone to wander. Too often our affections and desires are informed and captured by something other than God, His Word, and the Gospel.  Over the next four weeks we are going to explore who God calls us to be and what he calls us to. Our prayer is that as a church body, our heart would be recalibrated so that our passion is God’s glory through the proclamation and living out of the Gospel of Grace.