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Have you ever felt like each day was a constant effort to distinguish yourself from the crowd? We live in a world that is obsessed with branding and marketing, where it seems that if we don't reinvent ourselves frequently we will be left behind. In fact, if someone asks us who we are we often launch into a laundry list of what we do. As a result, our identity is found in our accomplishments rather than who we are within. This need to always reinvent ourselves can be exhausting... but what if we began to ask how following Jesus sets us apart from the crowd? What would we look like?

Now through May 31 our preaching series will be called "Marked." The main question we'll be considering is, what does it look like to be a called out follower of Jesus Christ in a world where we are so focused on developing our platform? However, when our lives have been changed by Jesus, we become his platform to impact a lost world. He is calling us into a greater story than the one we are living... do our lives bear the mark of Jesus? We invite you to step into the story...