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Have you ever heard a song that touched you deeply? How about a style of music that was the soundtrack of your adolescence? Music is powerful and it touches the soul. If we think about it, all of us have a song that has captured our hearts or defined a season of our lives. That song may have shaped our outlook on the world, helped to heal a deep place within us, or sparked a passionate side of us we didn’t know was there… our souls long for music.

Biblically speaking, the Psalms were the music of the people of God and were meant to shape the mindset of the godly. Over the summer, we are going to look at many different types of Psalms and as we do, our prayer is that our church will be able to sing the story of God as displayed in the Gospel. Our hope in this series is to expound the music of God, point people to the Gospel, and give us a new soundtrack for life. We invite you to find your story in the Psalms and sing again of God’s amazing grace. Indeed, the Psalms are Songs for the Soul.