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Forever Starts Today

What would it be like to live forever? Death is the greatest fear of many people. We wonder, is there something beyond this life? Are we more than the sum of our bodies? Will I see my loved ones again? These questions always surface when Easter rolls around because the hope of the Christian Gospel is that we can live forever because there was ONE who came and turned back death itself. The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything we thought we knew about life and death, offering hope. But many, like Thomas the disciple, still doubt.

If you are still a doubter, that is okay. We invite you to join us for a very special Easter service on April 1st, where we will talk about the beginning of forever… and what happens after this life. What we will find is this: on the first Easter morning… Forever became possible.

Children 3rd grade and above are encouraged to sit with their families. Childcare will be provided for Nursery - 2nd grade only.