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Redeemer- An Advent Series in Ruth

Who doesn't love Christmas time? When the December air rolls in, warm cocoa touches our lips, and the smell of pine becomes familiar again a certain joy starts to fill our hearts... or does it? While Christmas is a joyous time for some, for others it is a reminder of hardships plaguing us from this past year. It is the painful memory of family members no longer with us. Christmas, for many, brings the pressure to get shopping done super early so we don't disappoint anyone on Christmas day... and yet we wonder if it is about something more... something our hearts long for...


These words embody the feelings every human being longs for... even if they don't realize it. The story of Christmas, and the advent season that leads to Christmas, is a story that shows us the way we can all experience those four words. If you are searching for something to hope in. If you are desperately desiring joy and love that seem so far away. If you are seeking the elusive peace in your life--join us this December as we journey through the Old Testament book of Ruth and discover that true hope, deep joy, unconditional love, and all encompassing peace are found in the rescue meant for us through the birth of a child, and whispers of a coming savior-king.

Join us this season and discover the redemption you seek.