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Judges: Fallen People. Faithful God

As we look at the entertainment culture of today, it seems that we are fascinated with heroes. Who is your favorite hero? What is it that even makes a hero?  Now through November 23, our current sermon series is on the Old Testament book of Judges. As we read the book, even a few chapters in, we start to see that human heroes in the story (The Judges) are actually very fallen people. They have lots of problems. They mess up and rebel. But the one consistent character we see throughout the book of Judges is God himself. He is the hero of the story.

The book of Judges can be very dark, but it is the history of God’s people. While not an easy ready at times, it is essential because it highlights how fallen we are, yet how faithful God is. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you probably have encountered the fallen-ness of humanity. As we look at the story of Judges we pray that you would encounter the faithful God who meets us in our circumstances and has the power to transform lives.