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Sermon series: January 31th - March 20th
Conversations With Jesus
Life Changing Moments from the Gospel of John


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Conversations with Jesus

Most of us have had influential people step into our lives and impact us with their characters and actions, but also with heartfelt dialogue; allowing us to ask great, heart-felt, and thoughtful questions. These conversations can open our minds to perspectives we never saw and send our lives in trajectories we never thought possible.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus had many conversations with people. This myriad of characters came asking important questions and his answers were always profound. Jesus provided answers to the biggest questions in life. Over the next eight weeks we are going to look at people who had conversations with Jesus. As we explore those scenes and see the dialogues that ensue, we can’t help but see ourselves in the people asking the questions. Ultimately, as we pose the great life questions, the answers direct us to the Savior-King who died on the cross for us.