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The Ten Commandments

Nobody likes rules. In fact, some of us try to break as many as we can. The Ten Commandments is one of the best-known sections of the Bible, but can feel like a set of rules. Why did God include them in the Bible? Many of us can relate to the Ancient Israelites: we receive the gift of salvation but still live as slaves to sin. We still break the “rules.” We can’t keep these rules and they can’t save us. But what if these rules were not intended to bind us but to protect us and point out our need for a savior? In reality, the outward way we live is evidence of who or what we worship. Who or what we worship influences our priorities, values, morality, choices, and can offer evidence of a life transformed by the Gospel. We can worship the true God, or we can worship a false god. Our God is a good father who wants the best for us. Our summer sermon series on the Ten Commandments will focus on the God behind the commandments. Through this lens we will see that these “rules” are good and His way of offering protection, wisdom, and goodness in our lives. He is the good father who loves us and sent his son to obey, perfectly, the law for us so we can be free to follow Him!