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Unrelenting grace toward a people fated for ruin.

What was the most unbelievable moment you experienced? Was it the birth of a child? Devastation after a massive storm? Or maybe it was change that you saw in someone’s life because God intervened. Whatever the case, if you live long enough you will utter the words: “I can’t believe it.”

The story of Jonah is unbelievable. A prophet of God called to preach to his enemies, who thinks he can run away from God: unbelievable! He is thrown overboard, destined for ruin, but God saves him with a fish: unbelievable! He preaches to one of the earth’s wickedest people and they turn to God: unbelievable! When you stop and think about the character of God… it really is not unbelievable; it is simply who God is.

Too often we get caught up with the big fish in Jonah, but the real story is about a God who saves and is involved in history. He steps into our stories in unbelievable ways. In Jonah, we see God’s heart for people who are rebellious against him and far from him. People fated for ruin. And the unbelievable truth is that God has unrelenting grace towards these people… who are just like us. Will you embrace the unbelievable or run away from him?