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Who is God?
Exploring what God is like.

Throughout life we ask many questions. Some of them come from the innocence and imagination of a child: “Why is the sky blue?” As we get older they become deeper and more existential: “What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose here on earth?” But at the deepest level, the most important two questions we will ever ask in our lives are “Who is God?” and “What is He like?” Everyone must confront these questions. How we answer them have huge implications for how we live life.

As we explore these questions, they naturally lead to a myriad of others: “Is God good? Is He in control? Does He truly love all people? Will He forgive me for what I have done? Is He fair? And who is this Jesus?” Our hope, over the next six weeks, is to explore these questions and discover the God of the Bible in a deep, rich way. Whether you are a skeptic or a strong believer, we invite you to ask this question with us: Who is God?