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Life Groups

In our Core Values, we explain that doing life together in intimate, burden-bearing groups is a key component in our mission to bring glory to God through lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Life Groups are designed to do this by being a small group of people who gather in their local neighborhood to enjoy and extend the gospel of Jesus Christ as a community. These groups explore the gospel of Jesus Christ in the scriptures, care for one another and their neighbors, and serve their community together.


Through trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, we:

  • Are a forgiven, new people with a new identity in Christ
  • Have a new purpose in life to glorify God by making disciples who, in turn, make disciples
  • Live out the Gospel in everyday life


Living out our Core Values together

  • Family. A Life Group is a family of believers who live and experience life together like a family. Based on their faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ and the new regeneration brought about by the Holy Spirit, they have and know of a divine love that leads them to love one another as brothers and sisters. They treat one another as a family, the children of God, sharing their time, resources, needs, hurts, successes, etc. They know each other's stories and have familiarity with one another's strengths and struggles in regards to belief in the gospel and its application to all of life.
  • Disciples making disciples. Disciples are developed through life on life community growing in the gospel, practicing the “one anothers,” and being on mission together to make new disciples. Being a disciple means that we seek to grow and multiple. Dying to ourselves, we purposely and willingly bring in new people to the group, and raise up people to “go” and start new Life Groups.
  • Missionaries. A Life Group is more than a bible study or a small group that cares for other believers. A Life Group is made up of Spirit-led and Spirit-filled people who radically reorient their lives together for the mission of making disciples of a particular people and place (their community.)
  • Servants. Serving those around them as though they are serving Jesus, members present a tangible witness to Jesus’ kingdom and the power of the gospel to change lives.
  • Diverse. Life Groups are meant to reflect the diversity of the body of Christ (married, single, young, the “young-at-heart,” children, blue collar, and white collar) doing life together.
  • Geographically-based.  Ideally, members of Life Groups live close enough together that they can do life together meeting frequently, inviting neighbors to their meetings, and serving their community together.
  • Meeting in homes. This facilitates depth of connections and provides for a non-threatening location to bring in those who are exploring Christianity.Geographically based.


Contact Scott, if you are interested in joining or forming a Life Group in your community.