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Sunday Morning Seminars & Classes

Adult Education, 2016
Classes are held at 9 AM on Sunday mornings

“Back to school” shouldn’t just be a phrase that brings to mind excited students, relieved parents and hopeful retailers as the new school year starts. It can also be a good reminder of the many growth opportunities we offer our adults here at MBC. Being on the path of solid spiritual growth should include a regular immersion in God’s word, whether in the form of a Bible book study or some topic which explores how the truth of Scripture applies to our everyday lives.

Here is the line-up of our Adult Education classes. Older, younger and in-between are welcome in all the classes, and the personal relationships that are built are an important part of the learning process. Look the list over carefully, and decide how you can best take advantage of what these classes have to offer.

  • Women’s Class
    Room C-104 – A book study of Hebrews.

  • Growing Disciples
    Room YFMB 201 (please note the new room location) – There are 345 direct Old Testament quotations in the New Testament. There are also over 2000 allusions and verbal parallels of the Old Testament found in the New Testament. This class
    will examine the Old Testament context of passages that find "fulfillment" or use in the New Testament and how they are transformed by the New Testament speakers and writers in marvelous and intriguing ways. This class begins on February 7. 
  • Men’s Class
    Room C-106 – continuing with the study of Ephesians, starting in Chapter 3.
  • Building Disciples 
    Room YFMB 202 – “Knowing Jesus”. As Christians we are commanded to live as Jesus Christ lived. But how can we model ourselves after Him unless we truly know Him? This class will help you get to know our Lord by spending time in the four Gospels, the Old Testament prophecies, and the apostolic teachings about Jesus.

  • Sunday Seminar New!
    YFMB Great Room -  From April 3 thru June 5, t
    he Sunday Seminar class will offer the first course in the “Spiritual Markers” series, Praying. If you are one of the many believers who feel like their prayer life could use some help, then this course is for you.

    The “Spiritual Markers” courses are built on the six markers that were the subject of the message series last spring and were the basis of much of our Spiritual Life Assessment Survey over the summer