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Sunday Morning Seminars & Classes

Classes are held at 9am on Sunday mornings.

The following are our Adult Education offerings for Winter 2018. Older, younger and in-between are welcome in all classes. Learning is built on a combination of formal instruction and personal relationships that develop as the result of the classes. Review the list, and decide how to best take advantage of what these classes have to offer.

  • Foundations Course - Bill Ohnsorg and Paul Wilford
    Room 201, YFMB - What Christians Believe - And Why
    Using a combination of some DVDs and lots of engaging discussion, we'll be covering 12 areas of basic Christian beliefs and examining what the Bible says about them. Wayne Grudem's book, Christian Beliefs, will be a key resource. Believers at any stage in their journey, as well as those who are simply seeking to understand this faith better, should find this a rewarding experience.

  • Women’s Class - Barbara Zellman
    YFMB Great Room, street side - 2 Timothy and Titus
    Paul's letters to his spiritual sons. As his letters to us, they fan into flame the gift of God to us - spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Men’s Class - Bruce Hyldahl
    Room 204 YFMB
    January: The Book of Jonah - Paul Achenbach.
    February: Praying Like Paul - Larry Blakeman
    A study of Paul's prayers.
    March: You of Little Faith – Tom Matheson
    Examining the four times in the Gospels that Jesus used that phrase, seeking to understand how Jesus trained his disciples, why his teaching style changed throughout his ministry, and what this all means for us.

  • Building Disciples - Maceo Hemmingway
    Room 202, YFMB - Knowing Jesus
    As Christians we are commanded to live as Jesus Christ lived. But how can we model ourselves after Him unless we truly know Him? This class will help you get to know our Lord by spending time in the four Gospels, the Old Testament prophecies, and the apostolic teachings about Jesus.

  • Sunday Seminar -Jeff Callender
    YFMB Great Room, stage side - Becoming a Contagious Christian
    “God wants us to become contagious Christians – His agents, who will first catch His love and then urgently and infectiously offer it to all who are willing to consider it. This is His primary plan, the one Jesus modeled so powerfully, to spread God’s grace and truth person to person until there’s an epidemic of changed lives around the world.” We will be studying the book Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg along with a related video to explore how we should view personal evangelism, help you to develop your own story, and learn some useful techniques for sharing the Gospel with your friends and acquaintances.